Living a wify life

gw emang paling susah jadi orang yang serius n tekun untuk ngelakuin sesuatu. Dan hal tulis menulis blog ini udah jadi yang ke sekian kali..secara pendahulu-pendahulunya…raib karena lupa password dlsb nya..hahaha…

Well…this time hopefully I’m able to be serious with this stuff.

here we go…

wify life gw dimulai semenjak tanggal 16 Juli 2011, when I tied the knot with Aditya Yoga (which was my DJ mate in Radio PTPN). Malam pertama begitu menyeramkan…hahaha…masih senyum2 sendiri kalo inget kejadiannya…I was so shock…since it was soo hurt (ya know what I meant lah ya…) when Ms. V met Mr. P..damn continoued to the 2 days forward…hampir trauma!!… And this is the first I can totaly give myself to him (it is absolutely not easy..).. waktu gadis kalo disuruh ngelakuin sesuatu dan gw gak mood then I would do nothing…and now I must throw that ego away from my life…hurting and it is such a never ending lesson until now..Laki gw emang luarbiasa baik dan pengertian…dia gak pernah memaksa dan sikap nya ini justru yang sering bikin gw ngerasa bersalah karena seringkali EGO itu muncul. know what, firstly I was kinda confused to those who got married just because they could not hold tight their passion to do sex..ada yang bilang…mendingan nikah aja daripada bikin dosa…gak abis pikir gw…kok bisa sih…sex is sex…sex is not something that I am hardly chasing after…big NO No…bagi gw the most romantic part is when I can be with the one I love every minute every hour…not always about the me it just a part of this wify life not the main part..I feel so happy when I can cook for my hubby, clean the house, chat with him…that is sooo beautifull….makanya jangan sampe salah piliiiih…dan benar-benar sadari are you ready to give your everything to the one who will be your future husband…pikirkan baik-baik…well I guess this is the first main lesson in wify life…how can you surely totaly give your everything for your husband….when we can give our everything to our hubby..then it turns out to be something worth to do…you will never regret it..once more…jangan salah pilih pasangan hidup yah.. 🙂



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