Tuhan menyediakan yang BAIK dan MENARIK bagiku

This is what I have during my quiet time with Tuhan Yesus :

Kejadian 2:8-9

Starting from the day when God formed the earth… what a consistency of working..He has planned what He made perfectly… gw amazed dg itu semua..dan one more thing..sering bgt gw denger (kadang mulut gw sendiri said that) banyak org mencela ciptaan Tuhan : ngejelek2in fisik seseorang, mencela betapa jelek nya sesuatu,etc.. please don’t do that…FT bilang kalo Tuhan melihat apa yg Dia ciptakan adalah baik bahkan sangat baik…

When we carry on this thought .. I’m sure.. there will be thanksgiving in our heart… is that right??… yea I guess so…

Verse that strengthen me is verse 8-9 :

8. selanjutnya Tuhan Allah membuat taman Eden, di sebelah timur; disitulah ditempatkan-Nya manusia yang dibentuk-Nya itu. 9. Lalu Tuhan Allah menumbuhkan berbagai-bagai pohon dari bumi, yang MENARIK dan yang BAIK untuk dimakan buahnya; dan pohon kehidupan itu, serta pohon pengetahuan yang baik dan yang jahat.

Tuhan sudah melengkapi kita dengan banyak hal yang baik untuk kita boleh hidup daaan u must note it down that He’s not only preparing the good one but also the exciting one!!… so.. enjoy life with Him… He has preparing many surprising things in our life…

Many times… this thought is killed by our unsupported ambience : many crisis in life, uncertainty, fear, loneliness, and many more… u know those things are there to enable us to see God’s mighty way to help us out from such condition… to demonstrate His power.. and that is the exciting part of our life I guess… haha

i.e : David, Joseph, Abraham, many more in the Bible..

and their faith has been paid off…

maju dalam Tuhan… don’t give up… let’s see His power be poured in our life… amen

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