can I actually dictate what God has planned for my life

I have just heard that agaiiin one of my best friend got a scholarship to UK!!!… the scholarship that I’ve been dreaming of… when I see myself, it can be said that I am just below them… my brain is not as shiny as theirs… there was a lil envy in my heart… I started to blame myself for seemingly choosing the wrong path… I suppose to be seriously walk and focusing in media things… it was right… but somehow when I took the decision…I was haunted by the reality of loosing my most of social time killed by that job…I can not go to church and involved in a ministry… those things had come up and made me leaving the career.

Sadar or ga sadar..setiap keputusan yang sudah diambil ada dalam kuasa Tuhan… dan walopun terkesan agak rugi tapi gw harus belajar semakin percaya bahwa apa yang Tuhan kasih pasti baik dan masa depan yang direncanakan adalah masa depan yang penuh harapan.  Sabar ya rinda… mungkin saat ini aku dan suamiku adalah average persons in people’s eyes… oftenly compared to others’ successes.. *smile* JEsus loves us…

Tuhan baik, sangat baik, amat baik bagiku…

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