Please people do not ask me again… when will you have a baby???

To Walk my Talk is not that easy… gw gampang encourage people untuk keep up their faith… and now I am there….

couple of weeks ago gw n bojo mudik and visit one of our relative in Wonogiri (what a poor and saddy situation).. God has put something in my heart for this family… me and my hubby have discuss to support them with lil of our money… pray for this… so one day, when I come to Wonogiri again… I’ll bring them something which hopefully can a bit help them.

After the visitation hour, when we are about to go home..FYI there was a cute baby there (me and my lil sister was very excited to carry him on our hand and becanda2 gitu deh ya)… when we were about to say goodbye to ’em.. the baby’s mom said (baby name: Arif) : .. “sini2 ditularin..mudah2 an cepet dapet momongan yaah”..and my mother in law shouted: ” Iya itu ditularin…moso dah 1 tahun gak hamil2″…*jleb2*…

Well… actually ini bukan yang kali pertama beliau berkata demikian…she said that oftenly.. probably she really wants a grandson… I guess so… THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME MALEES kumpul keluarga disana… I will be underpressure… she kept telling us to do Doa Novena… I don’t do Doa Novena… I don’t pray to Mother Mary… it conflicts my faith… I pray to Jesus only… not else… not to Bunda Maria… Nor to all saints…

Having a baby is not in my control… I would be very much happy to have a baby… and we have tried… not yet with the test a,b,c,d di RS (it cost damn alot)… still don’t have that much money though.. but I do believe that we both are healthy and fertile. Here.. I am tested… O Godd…. :(…  kami cuma minum madu kurma campur jinten.. that’s all… and still not seeing the result yet…

I don’t know how to ask God to give me a baby… I surrender… my birthday is coming closer… will I get what I have been longing so much?… I don’t know…

please people do not ask me again… when will you have a baby ??? this is the only statement that I can say : Dijawab atau tidak dijawab semua doa ku.. I will only pray, praise and worship my only one true God.. Jesus Christ and do what the bible told me to do.. amen..

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