A turmoil after a disobedience

Wooooah… I’m trying to calm myself….
God I made a terrible mistake by not being obedient to my husband…
we are about to “throw” USD 150 for a stranger… It started by one my friend’s GF who was in need of help because this person was about to be sentenced to jail because of a problem at her office, she needed USD 1000 at that time and since her BF was a good friend of ours, thus I lent him the money with a guarantee that 3 days later they’ll gave me back my money. Turn out to be a different situation throughout sooo many excuses the money get back to me in about 3 months later, they paid me USD 850 and now the remain debt is USD 150. This person is such a pain in my ass… she made up soo many excuses but she doesn’t want to be claimed that way. We were in a big arguing through BBM. she really pist me off. I was in a big hatred. The guarantee has been returned to them because I just trust them that they’ll pay me back in just the promised time. I don’t even really care about the debt letter that her BF signed. To me it was just a paper, this matter is a really pure TRUST to them.
Turn out they disappoint me… ALOT…ESP the girl… my concern was her words… I dislike her words, her words brought great anger in me.
Yesterday 09.03.2015 she deleted me from her contact list so that all of our conversation were gone in BBM.
Me and my husband had made a deal that we won’t chase after them anymore.
We just let them go “eating” the remaining money.
I told my friend (the boy) that… I’m letting go the money… if they can’t pay us back… we don’t care anymore.
my bigest sin is : I have disappointed my husband… he who works really hard overseas and I gave the lending for such amount to someone which wasn’t my friend nor a relative to me. No wonder… this sin had turn me down because the hardest time I had to ask my money back from her. There were so many pipol who consider us as a couple with LOTS of money, they borrow and then they can’t pay me back in the promised time. What on earth are these people doing??? and I was so harsh to her because my emotion was overwhelmed. I was really off control… really in a big big anger.
God please forgive me… let me really forgive them and re-new my heart… let me letting go this anger…
Such a precious lesson… by disobey my husband… forgive me Lord… 😦

sincerely yours

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