2nd homecoming handsome husband :)

Yeaaay… the long waiting is finally come to an end
it feels like I’m re-newed… refresh… like I’m about to meet my new boyfriend 🙂
since a couple of months ago I was busy.. finding searching thinking what clothes should wear, what shoes, how to look 😀
everything is exciting to me.

The thrilling part is the reality that my hubby had encountered a very special moment with God… how God really change his heart, the way he thinks, his point of view. How he become someone that God use to spread the words of God in his office. The way his life impacted to others, his bosses.

Looking back to the year 2006 the very first time we met. The reality of not having the same vision, goals, way of thinking, faith, was a big burden and troublesome to me. As I’ve been waiting for someone to become my husband instead of a boyfriend, making me strictly hold my principle. I want someone who can strengthen, lead, help me grow in faith and loving God, build a marriage in Christ. That’s why I didn’t fall for this man at first. He was the one who hid his crush on me. Until the day he declares his feeling to me, I told him to pray with his way of praying while I prayed with my way. 7 days later after a long pray, fasting, and having been through an amazing spiritual confirmation from God. I boldly accept him and we start to date. In the journey I thought he would directly became the man that I want him to be, go to church and serving God in the music dept, pray etc. It wasn’t easy and frustrating. I thought, did I mistakenly hearing the confirmation from God that this man is the ONE, who’ll be my future hubby? because he never wants to serve God and still not having the same concept of any Christianity concept with mine.
Then one day I bought a bible and a book called : The Purpose Driven Life. I pray God… I really want this man to change, I want Him to love You more, mature in faith, able to lead me. Then God made a statement : his life is my business, you stay away and pray. I stunned.

Starting from that day untill now, I never really worry about him. Because he’s in the expert’s hands… Jesus Christ :). And when I was praying I was thinking : did my boyfriend now already understand the salvation concept in Christ? how’s actually his way of thinking? what’s in his heart and mind?. Then I opened the book I gave him a couple of weeks ago, I open a chapter about the salvation concept… then I heard God’s voice again… “he has passed through this page”… It was a great confirmation!… my boyfriend has now been saved!! haleluya.. God told me to be still and act not to much towards my boyfriend. And yet He did a great job, changing my future husband. I told him, in Your hands God is my future husband’s life.. I pray when he marry me… he has become someone that I can lean on to carry our marriage in Christ alone.

I long to have a future husband figure who can be an example to his children in everything he do. his career, his faith, his way to love God and family, his character, his integrity, etc.
and today I am soooooo thanking God… that what God has promised to me years ago is slowly fulfilled. My Jesus is a living God and He never fails. He keep His promises. Yesuah Hamasiah. Glory to God!!!

So tomorrow will be meeting him again when QR0956 landed in CGK 03:15 PM…. 🙂

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