Somehow.. Suddenly I remember a moment when I was in Solo. I got a schedule to be a singer at a big KKR at church with a priest from Singapore or India.. Sorry forgot his nationality and forgot his name as well :D. I sang and sang from the beginning of the service until the altar call session. The priest asked us to sing all the time supporting the altar call. I didn’t know who he is… Never met him nor one of his team… They all were strangers to me… When the altar call became deeper in God’s presence… So many people were healed and touch by The Almighty unseen hands of God. Many fall down on their knees and that night we were brought into God’s presence… We.. The singers were sober of course, since we were “working” at that time… Sing… Sing and siing. Until this priest suddenly stop and said something that shake my whole world. He suddenly called my name… Diah merinda… Whaaat… How did he knew my name… I stood behind him and bow my head down… Not moving… I didn’t know why… But I was shocked… His words that nite: there is this girl in this room… Diah merinda… Until this time you long to see God’s glory… I wanted to pray for you… Please come forward to the stage… I stood and became silent… I couldn’t sing at that time… I was startled… Some of the singers knew it… I pretend not to hear it… Then this man said : you will see God’s glory in your life!… I went home to my dorm that nite… I didn’t really understand with what that priest was saying… All of my friends were like… Hey rinda… Why didn’t u come to the stage… I cudn’t answer them… Only smile… Then I forgot about that nite… Until today suddenly I remember that moment and ask God what was that God… What is Your Glory? How can I know? How to feel it? Touch it?… I read an article about God’s glory… When moses met God up in the mountain, God didn’t allow him to see His face… Moses only see God’s back… Because none can stand before God’s glory… All will die… Because man has lost God’s glory when adam and eve bertrayed God. Man is a great sinner hence he won’t be able to see God. With The blood of Jesus man are in peace with God, thus we can see God’s glory in our life. Though I’ve seen Your glory… Alot in my life yet it’s never been an easy work to experience His one glory to another one. One of my friend ever told me : God told me rinda… With walking by faith, you will experience what you’ve been asking to God to provide you. Yeah… I really100x had to walk by faith to get.. Even the easiest things a man could get. Faith will lead me to see God’s glory. God strengthen me yesterday and today with this verse in the Bible John 1:47-50. When Nathanael met Jesus, God says : that this man has no falseness in his heart. Nathanael was confused, how come Jesus knew him.. It was their first meeting though. Jesus said: before filipus called him, Jesus has seen him under the fig tree. And innocently he praise Jesus : You are the Son of God. Jesus answered: I said I saw you under the tree, yet you believe it? you’ll see more greater things in the future! God loves this thing rindaaa… Just believe and easily believe like a fool to God… Babo chorom 🙂 and you will see His glory through greater things in your life!

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