A love of a dog for his beloved owner….. October 24, 20152:38 AM MST

Loyal dog waits for dead owner to return, found lying where semi killed owner

The sadness in the eyes of a loyal dogafter he is left behind by his owner is heartbreaking. Paco, a rescue dog from Hurricane Katrina, was walking with his owner, 42-year-old Kelly Black, near a convenience store parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, when Black was hit by a semi-truck and was instantly killed. After the crash, the semi took off — leaving the fatally injured owner and the dog that she had been walking behind.

As Fox 8 reports on October 23, Paco’s owner was fatally struck by the semi-truck and dragged into the middle of the road around 6:15 a.m. on Friday morning. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, after Kelly Black’s body was taken away by authorities, Paco stayed – lying and waiting for hours in the middle of the road — hoping his beloved owner would return to get him.

“The victim’s dog remained at the scene of the crash for several hours, lying down near the spot of the accident.”

According to Black’s family, Kelly was a beloved sister and daughter who had no children of her own. Her dog was everything to her, and Paco and Kelly were inseparable. “Paco was by her side when she died & stayed here, alone, after,” writes reporter Russell Colburn on his Twitterpage.

Kelly Black’s loyal dog was picked up by family members when they realized that Paco was still lying and waiting at the spot where his beloved owner had left him – in the middle of the road.

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